This clarification statement includes information on personal data processing activities carried out by Hafızlar Gıda Ic ve Dıs Ticaret A.S. ("Hafızlar Gıda") In accordance with Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (“Law”) and constitutes the 'Clarification Statement' required for the processing of personal data.

Purpose and Scope of the Statement

Within the scope of this Privacy Notice, we, Hafızlar Gıda Ic ve Dıs Ticaret Anonim Sirketi and "Hacı Ismail Hakkızade Hafız Mustafa 1864" brand, clearly and simply explain what personal data is collected, recorded, stored, used and the legal reasons for the processing, the purposes for which it is processed, the parties to which it is transferred and the purposes of the transfer, and the rights you have regarding your personal data set forth in the Law.

This clarification statement covers every employee of Hafızlar Gıda, any job applicants who has submitted an application with the intention of working and real persons who are customers of Hafızlar Gıda as well as natural persons who are not customers of Hafızlar Gıda but visit our website "hafizmustafa.com" for various reasons.

Method and Legal Reason of Personal Data

The Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 constitutes legal basis for the processing of personal data being collected and processed pursuant to this clarification statement. In this context, the personal data collected shall be processed in accordance with the criteria specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law.

Collection of data shall be carried out;

  1. during the activities in the workplace, production facilities, branches for Hafızlar Gıda’s employees
  2. through CVs of  the employee candidates who have submitted their CVs to Hafızlar Gıda,
  3. during Hafızlar Gıda customers' shopping at the branches and by purchasing the products produced by Hafızlar Gıda from Hafızlar Gıda branches and authorized dealers
  4. through the website of Hafızlar Gıda or during interviews with Hafızlar Gıda by phone,

Again, for all data owners, data controllers who are operating branches on behalf of Hafızlar Gıda can transmit data being collected as well.

Purpose of Personal Data Collection and Retention Period of Data

Personal data collected from data owners are collected for the purposes stated below;

  1. Management of employment,
  2. Ensuring compliance with mandatory institutional procedures,
  3. Establishment or performance of a contract/business relationship,
  4. Our company's employment and ability to fulfill its obligations under current legislation,
  5. For promotional purposes only if you have given your express consent in this context (e.g. posting your images/videos on the Company's social media account),
  6. The fact that data processing is mandatory for the establishment of a right,
  7. Ensuring the security of our company or the fact that your personal data needs to be processed for the legitimate purposes of our company,
  8. Carrying out necessary procedures for your employment at the company, preparing your personal file,
  9. Execution of human resources and administrative affairs operations,
  10. Execution of operations related to fringe benefits and benefits of employees.
  11. Product development, quality management and determination of customers' product preferences,
  12. Creating consumption statistics for customers,
  13. Preparing statistics and data on the customer portfolio,
  14.  Developing branches, authorized dealers and web sites and putting them into service for customers,
  15. Transferring data that will be useful for our business partners' own activities to the extent permitted under legislation,
  16.  Sharing data with our foreign business partners to the extent permitted by law,

Personal data collected for these purposes shall be processed by us, the data controllers, as long as it serves the purpose. If collected data does not serve the purpose, it shall be anonymized irreversibly deleted or destroyed.

Nature of Personal Data Collected

  1. Identity data: Name-surname, date and place of birth, identification number, e-mail address, phone number, title, nationality and signature sample, tax number.
  2. Image data: Image data collected for security and product development purposes within our branches and workplaces.
  3.  Audio data: telephone communications with Hafızlar Gıda, conversation recordings and audio data during calls made with call centers.
  4. Data on online behavior and preferences: The pages visited on the websites and applications of Hafızlar Gıda with the IP address of the mobile device or computer.
  5. Financial Data: Financial data such as payrolls and information on salary accounts of Hafızlar Gıda’s employees. Data on payment instruments, payment instrument preferences and payment behaviors of Hafızlar Gıda customers.
  6. Special Quality Personal Data: Special quality personal data such as health, fingerprint, ethnicity, provided that your explicit consent is obtained or clearly stipulated in the law.

Sharing and Transmission of Personal Data

Transmission of your personal data to our business partners, persons who operate branches on behalf of Hafızlar Gıda and sell Hafızlar Gıda products, and to our business partners residing abroad shall be carried out pursuant to the provisions of the Law No. 6698. In accordance with the relevant provisions, your data shall be processed by Hafızlar Gıda in a way that it can be shared with;

  • Affiliates/business partners of the Hafızlar Gıda limited to the purposes of fulfillment of our company's founding purposes,
  • Hafızlar Gıda, its Subsidiaries and their suppliers, limited to  ensuring that the services that are outsourced by our company from the supplier and necessary to carry out the commercial activities of our Company are provided to our Company,
  • Hafızlar Gıda and its Affiliates, limited to ensuring the execution of commercial activities of our company that require the participation of the affiliates,
  • Our affiliates, consultants and service providers, limited to the purposes of designing strategies for our company's commercial activities, risk management, financial consolidation, auditing and compliance with Hafızlar Gıda company policies,
  • Shareholders of Hafızlar Gıda and its Subsidiaries, limited to the purposes of designing the strategies and auditing of our Company's commercial activities in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation,
  • Legally Authorized public institutions and organizations, limited to the purpose requested by the relevant public institutions and organizations within their legal authority,
  •  Legally authorized private legal persons, limited to the purpose requested by the relevant private legal persons within their legal authority,

If transfer of your personal data to one of the above parties forms a data transfer to abroad, the data transfer process shall be made in accordance with the principles set forth in Article 9 of the Law in this case.

Protection of Personal Data

As Hafızlar Gıda, appropriate technical and organizational measures (policies and procedures, Information Technologies Security, etc.) are taken while processing your personal data and to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data. In order for your personal data to be stored securely, an in-house minimum framework for policies and minimum standards is applied across the Hafızlar Gıda. Regulations and developments in the market are followed, and Hafızlar Gıda policies and standards are updated periodically in the light of these developments.

  1.  Rights of Data Owners and Methods of Exercising Rights

If your personal data is processed, you will have some rights accordingly. In this context, you have the following rights based on the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698:

  1. To learn whether your personal data is being processed and to request more information about these processes;
  2. To know why your data is being processed and whether it is used for the stated purposes;
  3. To be acquainted with to whom your data (internal and external third parties) is being transferred; the right to request correction of your incomplete or incorrectly processed data;
  4.  To request deletion or destruction of your personal data;
  5. To request that third parties be informed about the deletion or destruction of personal data transferred to them in case of incomplete or incorrect processing;
  6.  To object to any adverse outcome resulting from the fully automated analytical process;
  7. To demand compensation of damage suffered due to the unlawful processing of your personal data.

You may submit your requests and complaints regarding your rights mentioned above at “ ________@._____.kep.tr “ via email or by mail  to the address “HOCAPAŞA MAH.MURADİYE CAD. SAF HAN NO.25 B FATİH/İSTANBUL” Your application is going to be finalized within 30 days, which is the maximum period specified in the Law, and you will receive a reply regarding your application.

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